Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Undead Familiar

Undead Familiar [Familiar, General]
Your familiar is an undead creature.
  Prerequisites: Must have a familiar as a class feature.
  Benefit: Rather than a living creature, your familiar is an undead version of a normal animal. Pick a standard familiar and apply the bone or corpse creature template to your new familiar. See the Monster Manual for undead special qualities. You cannot convert an existing non-undead familiar to an undead familiar by taking this feat, although if your familiar is slain and you have this feat, you can reanimate your dead familiar with a create undead spell. Undead familiars tend to be associated with characters of evil alignment, particularly necromancers.

Undead familiars can be turned or rebuked. Use the familiar's effective Hit Dice for the purposes of turning or rebuking. A familiar fleeing or cowering as the result of a successful turn cannot obey commands from the master (any more than it could while fear-struck or paralyzed). Raising a destroyed undead familiar brings it back as a living creature.

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