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General Rules: Monsters - Alchemical Golem

Alchemical Golem (adapted from Dragon Magazine #302)
Large Construct

Hit Dice: 9d10+30 (79 hit points)
Initiative: -1
Speed: 20 feet (cannot run)
Armor Class: 18 (-1 size, -1 Dexterity, +10 natural); touch 8, flat-footed 18
BAB/Grapple: +6/+15
Attack: Slam +11 melee (2d8+6, bludgeoning, 20 x2)
Full Attack: 2 slams +11 melee (2d8+6, bludgeoning, 20 x2)
Space/Reach: 10 feet by 10 feet/10 feet
Special Attacks: Breath weapon, rupture
Special Qualities: Construct, acid and fire immunity, alchemical healing, DR 15/+1, immune to bludgeoning weapons, magic immunity
Saves: Fortitude +3, Reflex +2, Will +3
Abilities: Str 23, Int -, Wis 11, Dex 9, Con -, Cha 1
Skills: -
Feats: -
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary ro gang (2 - 4)
Challenge Rating: 10
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 10 - 18 Hit Dice (Large); 19 - 27 Hit Dice (Huge)

An alechemical golem is 9 feet tall and weighs 800 pounds. The body is composed of a single touch transparent membrane in the shape of a humanoid with the face usually mimicking the appearance of its creator. Inside the membrane is a swirling collection of toxic, oily substances that merge and separate at random, giving the creature life. The alchemical golem wears no clothing, has no possessions, and is incapable of speech. Despite the membrane, that keeps the ingredients inside, the golem fives off a faint, acrid smell.

Alchemical golems are particularly dangerous opponents, because although they are slow and ponderous, the mere act of damaging it realases toxic substances that burn the skin and choke the lungs. Anyone considering attacking an alchemical golem would be advised to do so at a distance.

Alchemical healing (Ex): An alchemical golem does not heal normally, but it can drink alchemical liquids to heal itself. For every 10 shillings worth of alchemical liquid (such as alchemist's fire, antitoxin, or acid) the alchemical golem drinks, it heals 1 point of damage. An alchemical golem has no ability to discern what it an appropriate liquid to drink, so the alchemical golem's creator must command it to drink the appropriate liquids or provide it with precise commands and a ready supply. An alchemical golem that drinks other liquids such as poisons, potions, and alcohol, is not harmed but gains no benefit from drinking them; the liquids are mixed with the alchemical liquids inside the golem and destroyed.

Breath Weapon (Su): Once every 1d4 rounds, the alchemical golem can breathe a 30-foot- cone of acid and toxic fumes. Creatures in the area suffer5d6 points of acid damage (Reflex save DC 14 for half damage) and 1d4 points of Constitution damage (Fortitude save DC 14 negates).

Magic Immunity (Ex): An alchemical golem is immune to all spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects except as follows. A neutralize poison spell slows the golem as the slow spell for 2d6 rounds with no saving throw.

Immune to Bludgeoning Weapons (Ex): Bludgeoning weapons, even enchanted ones, deal no damage to an alchemical golem, bouncing off the rubbery membrane that contains its alchemical fluids.

Rupture (Ex): Any attack with a piercing or slashing weapon that does at least 10 points of damage in a single hit (beyond damage reduction) punctures the alchemical golem's membrane. This puncture wound releases a spray of burning liquid and noxious fumes into the nearest 5-foot square in the direction from which the attack originated. Creatures in that square suffer 2d6 points of fire damage (Reflex save DC 14 for half damage) and 1d4 points of Constitution damage (Forttiude save DC 14 negates).

When the alchemical golem is reduced to 0 hit points, the alchemical golem's membrane collapses, spilling out all the remaining liquids inside. The resulting splash acts as a 15-foot-radius burst of acid, flame, and deadly gas that deals 10d6 points of damage, half of which is acid damage and half of which is fire damage. A DC 14 Reflex save halves the damage, resulting in equal damage from both acid and fire. The burst also deals 2d6 points of Constitution damage. A DC 14 Fortitude save halves the Constitution damage.

Construct: Alchemical golems are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects. Alchemical golems cannot heal damage on their own, but often can be repaired through the use of the Craft Construct feat or arcane magic. Alchemical golems are not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, or energy drain. They are immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless). Alchemical golems are not at risk of death from massive damage but are immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less. Since it was never alive, an alchemical golem cannot be raised or resurrected.

A alchemical golem's body is made from a noxious and complex series of alchemical liquids poured into a tough humanoid-shaped membrane.

An alchemical golem costs 70,000 shillings to create, including 2,000 shillings for the construction of the body. Creating the body is a complex task that requires a successful DC 20 Craft: Alchemy check. The creator must be at least 14th level, and able to cast arcane spells.

Caster Level: 14th; Prerequisites: Craft Construct, poison, polymorph any object, geas/quest, limited wish, protection from elements; Market Price: 140,000 shillings; Cost to Create: 70,000 shillings and 2,800 experience points.

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