Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Travel

Travel Domain
Divine Power: Caire.
Granted Power: For a total of one round per cleric level per day, the spell freedom of movement will activate automatically if you are ever impeded by a magical effect. The freedom of movement effect only lasts as long as needed, so the total number of rounds can be split over multiple occurrences. You may add Survival to your list of character skills for free.

Travel Domain Spells
1st: Champion swimmer (RR2), expeditious retreat, longstrider
2nd: Locate object
3rd: Fly
4th: Dimension door, marathon prowess (S&S)
5th: Teleport
6th: Find the path
7th: Greater teleport
8th: Phase door, rapid journey (RR)
9th: Astral projection

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