Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Home

Home Domain (adapted from the Book of the Righteous and the Thieves' World Player's Manual)
Divine Power: Hlín.
Granted Power: Once per day, you may designate a location "home" by lighting and tending a hearth there. The area within a 30 foot radius of the hearth is considered to be hallowed, as the spell, in the following ways: The area is guarded as if by both a circle of protection and a magic circle against evil, all Charisma checks to turn undead gain a +4 sacred bonus, and all Charisma checks to command undead suffer a -4 sacred penalty (spell resistance does not apply to this effect). As soon as the fire is out, the location is no longer considered hallowed. A hearth may be anything from a campfire to a full-sized, stone hearth.

Home Spells
1st: Rope trick
2nd: Hlín's tiny hut
3rd: Hlín's secure shelter
4th: Hlín's secret chest
5th: Hallow
6th: Heroes' feast
7th: Guards and wards
8th: Hlín's magnificent mansion
9th: Extraplanar palace (TWPM), Hlín's sacred hearth (BotR)

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