Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: The Dead

The Dead Domain (adapted from the Book of the Righteous)
Divine Power: Rúadan.
Granted Power: You gain the retributive rebirth ability. Whenever you turn undead and deal enough turning damage to destroy the undead, you may instead call upon the spirits that once inhabited the now desecrated and undead bodies. If the person who raised the undead is within a distance of one mile per your cleric levels, the spirits come into the undead vessels and then go to destroy the evil creature or spell caster that desecrated their mortal bodies. You do not have to call for retributive rebirth if you do not want to. An undead turned on its creator will pursue him doggedly until it is destroyed or he is. Once the undead's creator is destroyed, the undead itself turns to dust and the spirit returns from whence it came. The undead's creator cannot turn, rebuke, or in any other way control the undead that have come for their revenge, but his allies may.

The Dead Spells
1st: Detect return (BotR)
2nd: Consecrate
3rd: Negative plane protection
4th: Touch of return (BotR)
5th: Hallow
6th: Heal
7th: Greater restoration
8th: Greater return (BotR)
9th: Imprison soul (BotR)

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