Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Pain (Torture)

Pain Domain (adapted from the Book of Vile Darkness and Evil)
Infernal Power: Ninkurra.
Granted Power: Once per day, you may use the power excruciate. You must succeed at a melee touch attack against a living creature. When you touch the creature, the target is stunned by excruciating pain (per the stunning rules in the Player's Handbook). The creature may make a Fortitude save each round to overcome the pain and act normally on the following round (save DC 10 + your cleric level + your Wisdom bonus). This power is a spell-like ability.

Additional granted power: Once per day, you may convert the damage you deal with a single attack into healing for yourself, up to 1 point of damage per cleric level.

Pain Domain Spells
1st: Angry ache (BoVD), inflict light wounds
2nd: Inflict moderate wounds, sadism (BoVD)
3rd: Inflict serious wounds, wrack (BoVD)
4th: Inflict critical wounds, liquid pain (BoVD), wounding (E)
5th: Circle of doom, thousand needles (BoVD), torment (G)
6th: Harm, pox (BoVD)
7th: Blasphemy, wave of pain (BoVD)
8th: Horrid wilting, symbol [pain only]
9th: Eternity of torture (BoVD), Ninkurra's crushing hand

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