Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Rage

Rage Domain (from SpirosBlaak)
Infernal Power: Khil.
Granted Power: Once per day, you may enter a rage, as a barbarian of your cleric class level. This ability is the same as the barbarian rage ability, and lasts for 3 rounds plus your newly improved Constitution modifier. If you already have the rage ability, you gain one additional use per day. If you have the rage ability from some other source, your cleric class levels and your levels from that other source stack for purposes of determining the effectiveness of your rage ability.

Rage Domain Spells
1st: Inflict light wounds
2nd: Bull's strength
3rd: Haste
4th: Rage
5th: Righteous might
6th: Greater heroism
7th: Maþ's transformation
8th: Iron body
9th: Miracle

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