Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Vampire

Vampire Domain (from Fang & Fury: A Guidebook to Vampires, and Out for Blood; originally Blood Domain)
Infernal Power: Tunar.
Granted Power: Once per day, you can deal maximum damage with your blood drain attack for 1 round. You can declare you are using this power after making your attack roll, but not after rolling blood drain damage.
Granted Power: You may substitute a blodd-encrusted dagger for an unholy symbol at any time and for any purpose. A blood-encrusted dagger substituted for an unholy symbol counts as an unholy symbol of the same quality and made from the same materials as the dagger in question.
Special: Only vampiric clerics devoted to Tunar may take the Vampire Domain.

Vampire Domain Spells
1st: Blood spy (F&F), deathwatch
2nd: Blood messenger (F&F), death knell
3rd: Blood boil (F&F), vampiric touch
4th: Thin blood (F&F), bleeding walls (OfB)
5th: Blood bond (F&F), blood tendons (OfB)
6th: Heart leech (F&F), harm
7th: Clot (F&F), thirsting weapon (OfB)
8th: Horrid wilting
9th: Blood burst (F&F), sanguine flood (OfB)

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