Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Spells: Moonscript

Moonscript (found in the Book of Roguish Luck)

Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target, Effect, or Area: Writing on one sheet of vellum or parchment
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You make a small item weighing less than 1 pound into a permanent lucky totem, infused with your own luck points.

You transform one sheet of ordinary writing into magical script visible only under moonlight. The sheet so protected can then be reused to hide the presence of the magical writing. Spells and scrolls can also be protected by moonscript.

Material component: White ink made of crushed mother-of-pearl, whey, and spider silk worth 100 shillings.

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