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General Rules: Feats - Dragon-Blooded

Dragon-Blooded [Prime Bloodgift, Scaled One] (adapted from Dragon Magic: Power Incarnate)
You are descended from a dragon. Your heritage isn't strong enough to constitute a heritage bloodline, or even a sorcerer heritage, but as faint as it is, the power of your blood has been awakened.
   Benefit: Choose a dragon type as your ancestor. You gain one of the following benefits as a racial bonus:

SpeciesRacial Bonus
Amethyst+2 to saves against force spells and effects
Arcane+2 to Knowledge: Arcana and Spellcraft checks
Black+2 to saves against poison and disease
Blue+2 to saves against electricity spells and effects
Brass+2 to saves against fire spells and effects
Bronze+2 to Handle Animal and Wild Empathy checks
Brown+2 to Hide and Move Silently checks
Crystal+2 to saves against Illusion spells and effects
Deep+2 to saves against Enchantment spells and effects
Emerald+2 to Bardic Knowledge and Gather Information checks
Fang+2 to saves against ability draining spells and effects
Copper+3 to Climb checks
Gold+1 to all saving throws
Green+2 to saves against acid spells and effects
Molten+2 to saves against earth spells and effects
Red+2 to saves against fire spells and effects
Reef+2 to Disguise and Swim checks
Sand+2 to saves against air spells and effects
Sapphire+2 to Jump and Listen checks
Shadow+2 to saves against energy draining spells and effects
Silver+2 to Jump and Balance checks
Song+2 to saves against sonic spells and effects
Topaz+2 to saves against fatigue and dehydration spells and effects
White+2 to saves against cold spells and effects
Wild+3 to Survival checks

Members of scaly races gain a +1 to all of these bonuses.
   Special: You can take Dragon-Blooded only at 1st level. You cannot have this feat and the Ancient Lineage, Blood of Kings, Deepblood, Forgeblood, or Stoneblood feats.

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