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General Rules: Monsters - Devil, Imp

Devil, Imp (from the Monster Manual)
Tiny Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)

Hit Dice: 3d8 (13 hit points)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 20 feet, fly 50 feet (perfect)
Armor Class: 21 (+2 size, +3 Dexterity, +1 dodge, +5 natural); touch 15, flat-footed 17
BAB/Grapple: +3/-5
Attack: Sting +8 melee (1d4 plus poison, piercing, 20 x2)
Full Attack: Sting +8 melee (1d4 plus poison, piercing, 20 x2)
Space/Reach: 2½ feet by 2½ feet/0 feet
Special Attacks: Poison, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Alternate form, devil traits, DR 5/good or silver, outsider traits, fast healing 2, Immunity to poison, fire resistance 5
Saves: Fortitude +3, Reflex +6, Will +4
Abilities: Str 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Dex 17, Con 10, Cha 14
Skills: Diplomacy +8, Hide +17, Knowledge: any one +6, Listen +7, Move Silently +9, Search +6, Spellcraft +6, Spot +7, Survival +1 (+3 when following tracks)
Feats: Dodge, Weapon Finesse
Environment: Any land and underground
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 2
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always lawful evil
Advancement: 4 - 6 Hit Dice (Tiny)

Imps are insidious devils. They are often found serving lawful evil spellcasters as advisers and spies.

In its natural form, an imp stands almost 2 feet tall and weigh about 8 pounds.

Imps are craven, but not so timid as tp pass up an opportunity for a surprise attack using their invisibility and alternate form ability. In its natural form, an imp attacks with the wicked stinger on its tail. It quickly flies out of reach if a foe manages to strike back effectively.

An imp's natural weapons as well as any weapons it wields are treated as evil-aligned and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Alternate Form (Su): An imp can assume another form at will as a standard action. Each imp can assume one or two forms from the following list: Small or Medium monstrous spider, raven, rat, and boar.

Devil Traits: Devils can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language. Devils can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.

Outsider Traits: An imp has darkvision with a range of 60 feet. It cannot be raised or resurrected.

Poison (Ex): Injury, Fortitude DC 13, initial damage 1d4 Dexterity, secondary damage 2d4 Dexterity. The save DC is Constitution based and includes a +2 racial bonus.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): At will - detect good, detect magic, invisibility (self only); once per day - suggestion (DC 15). Caster level 6th. The save DCs are Charisma based.

Imps as Familiars
Imps can serve as familiars for characters eligible to obtain familiars including arcane engineers, hexblades, mind weavers, shadowsworn, sorcerers, and wizards. To do so, the character must be be within one alignment step of lawful evil, take the Improved Familiar feat, and be at least a 7th-level caster.

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