Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Armor

Armor Domain (from Hammer & Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves)
Divine Power: Hœnir.
Granted Power: Armor counts as one category lighter for the purposes of determining your speed. You move at your normal base speed while wearing medium armor, and may run at quadruple speed while wearing heavy armor (although your speed is still reduced as if you were wearing a suit of medium armor). This armor changes only how the armor affects your base speed; for purposes of class abilities such as a barbarian's fast movement or spells such as fly, the armor is still treated as its normal category.

Armor Domain Spells
1st: Shield of faith
2nd: Armored travel (H&H)
3rd: Magic vestment
4th: Armor of force (H&H)
5th: Resize magic arms and armor, stoneskin
6th: Armored skin (H&H)
7th: Repulsion
8th: Holy aura
9th: Prismatic sphere

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