Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Death

Death Domain (as modified by Evil, Gods, Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures, Relics & Rituals II, Shamans: Call of the WildSpells & Spellcraft, and White Wolf Quarterly/Sword & Sorcery Insider: Vol. 2.4 (Fall 2004))
Infernal Power: Tuni.
Granted Power: You may use a death touch once per day. Your death touch is a spell-like ability that is a death effect. You must succeed at a melee touch attack against a living creature (using the rules for touch spells). When you touch, roll 1d6 per cleric level. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points, it dies.

Additional Granted Power: If you normally may rebuke or command undead, you may also turn or destroy them. You can choose to do either, at your option each time you use your turning ability. You may do this a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This is a supernatural ability.

Death Domain Spells
1st: Cadaver dance (HO), cause fear, detect undeadghost light, grim feast (RR), minor heal undead (U)
2nd: Bone spikes (E), bonestaff (U), death knell, Tuni's minor blessing (U), resist turning (U), sleep of the dead (RR), strengthen bone (U)
3rd: Animate dead, armor of undeath (RR), ashen servitor (WQ), halt undeadheal undead (U), rein in the soul (G), restful death (U), wall of bone (U)
4th: Death ward, hold undead (U), spirit link (E), wall of bones, wounding (E)
5th: Animation field (U), darkwound (G), kidnap soul (Shamans), necromantic channel (E), Tuni's blessing (U), slay living, imbue shadow (RR)
6th: Create undead, sacrificial heart (RR), undead crew (RR2), undeath to death
7th: Bonewand (E), destruction, Tuni's greater blessing (U), mass animation (U)
8th: Create greater undead, disrupt soul (E), horrid wiltingleech field (RR), negative energy geyser (RR2)
9th: Wail of the banshee

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