Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Weather

Weather Domain (as modified by Eternal Rome: Roleplaying in the Age of Gods and Emperors, Gods, and the Thieves' World Player's Manual)
Divine Power: Syfa.
Granted Power: You can cast endure elements once per day upon yourself at your cleric caster level.

Additional Granted Power: You do not receive penalties on Spot and Search checks when it is raining or snowing.

Additional Granted Power: You gain a +4 sacred bonus to all saving throws involving weather effects, including magical lightning.

Additional Granted Power: You can move through snow-covered and icy terrain at your normal movement rate. You are also treated as being one size category larger when determining the effect of natural and magical wind effects on you.

Additional Granted Power: You gain the ability to forecast the weather for the next day and the general trend as far ahead as one day per cleric level. You may add Knowledge: Nature to your list of character skills for free.

Weather Domain Spells
1st: Obscuring mist
2nd: Fog cloud, gust of wind, wind wall
3rd: Call lightning, searing light
4th: Control water, ice storm, sleet storm
5th: Binding winds, control winds
6th: Call lightning storm, cloud-walkers
7th: Control weather
8th: Whirlwind
9th: Greater whirlwind, storm of vengeance

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