Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Orc

Orc Domain (as modified by SpirosBlaak)
Infernal Power: Khil.
Granted Power: You may smite an opponent once per day. You add your Charisma bonus (if any) to the attack roll and your cleric level to any resulting damage roll. You gain an additional +4 to your attack roll if target is a dwarf. You just declare the smite before making the attack. This granted power is a supernatural ability.

Additional Granted Power: You acquire an ape as a companion. This ape is completely loyal and responds to your commands. In addition, the ape gains benefits as if you were a druid and it were an animal companion, using your cleric level to determine increases to Hit Dice, saving throws, and other attributes. If the ape is killed, you gain a new one when you attain a new level.

Special: Only orcish clerics devoted to Khil may take the Orc Domain.

Orc Domain Spells
1st: Bane, cause fear
2nd: Burning hands, produce flame
3rd: Bestow curse (PHB and WHB), prayer
4th: Divine power
5th: Prying eyes, unhallow
6th: Circle of death, eyebite
7th: Blasphemy, harm
8th: Cloak of chaos, finger of death
9th: Horrid wilting, power word, kill

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